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Lost Fiat Car Keys

Replacement Fiat Keys

Fiat Auto LocksmithFor most of us who are close or approaching forties, we can say Fiat vehicles are not a new invention, not like the Jaguar and some other models. However, that does not mean that the car has not advanced. It has; and in fact in many ways. The keys that were used then are no longer the same. Back those days almost all keys operated on a metal blade keys that opened does and one special that was used on the ignition. When faced with broken or Lost Keys to your car you could ‘hot wire’ your Fiat and it would start. But as of today, we are talking of transponder keys and upwards, for example:

  • Fob Keys
  • High security key
  • Smart Key,
  • VAT Key.
  • Valet Car Key and the rest. Contact us if you need any these as Replacement Keys.

So what aroused the need to have optional keys? Car theft. As in, before 1995, claims of car theft become so rampant and manufactures had to come up with option to tighten car security. As a result, transponder keys came into play, which made it impossible to start the car even through hot wiring unless the original key is used. And the technology rose up, into the above-mentioned keys.

Interesting, right? Call auto locksmith Fiat gurus, we have all the history and info to tackle all locksmith issues locally here in Parkstone.

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