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Lost Land Rover Car Keys

Replacement Land Rover Keys

Land Rover Auto LocksmithIf this is the first time you are requesting for Land Rover key replacement from your automotive locksmith, perhaps you are not conversant on the few documentation requirements that ought to be confirmed before being issued with new Replacement Keys. Ideally, the locksmith is in a way pushed by the law governing Poole and its environs to ensure whoever they are offering replacement keys to are the real owner of a car. For sure this is a good move towards controlling chances of car theft. So what is needed before the issuance of Land Rover replacement keys? Check the list below:

  • You will be asked to provide any docs that prove your address, real names, photo and ID. 
  • Name and Model of you Land Rover (as in, if it is a Defender, Discovery, or Range Rover Sport and the rest)
  • Your Land Rovers Vehicle Identification Number or ViN,

All this are just to confirm ownership, and nothing more so don’t fret. It is nothing close to intrusion of private documents. In fact, it will be smart of you prepare the documents in advance so that as soon as our locksmiths get to your place, they will have to immediately start the job you want them to do.

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