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Lost Saab Car Keys

Replacement Saab Keys

Saab Auto LocksmithAs a matter of facts, there is mix of variety when it comes to Saab vehicle key types. And you may not really know the type of keys you are using with your car if you can’t differentiate them. You are not alone, key types are a tricky topic for some people. But check below for the several car key types that are in existence in the current age:

Standard car keys
This key type is the commonest with most cars that were manufactures before 1995. It exists as a metal blade, with a grove and a serrated pattern that must fit in the locks or ignition for it to work. If this is what you have lost, call us we will cut a new key for you within 20 minutes, as that is fast to produce.

Transponder chip keys
If your Saab car’s release date is 1995 and up, it is likely the car is fitted with an immobiliser system, which often uses transponder chip key system. We also issue replacements for such keys as well do full Transponder Programming. So that your key’s signal agrees with your car’s memory data.

Fob/remote keys
With the key you are using, is it possible to open and close your car’s door from a distance? Then what you are having is called fob or remote keys, and we also offer replacements, duplication and repairs for such.

Now that you have an idea about car key technology, you can explain to your auto locksmith Saab experts what exactly you need replaced or worked on at your location. Got it?

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