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Lost Skoda Car Keys

Replacement Skoda Keys

Skoda Auto LocksmithYes, it doesn’t really take much time to open a Skoda car trunk; in fact, 5 minutes should be enough with a good expert. What matters is if they will leave the car damaged or not. Some people take it upon them to open a locked trunk and end up regretting when they have to spend even much funds having to repair the damages they caused to their car. The few reasons you need a qualified locksmith to do it for you is because:

  • The expert will use only non-destructive methods on the car’s body to open the trunk
  • He will ensure the lock of you boot remains intact so that you don’t need to change it
  • He will do it faster, approximately 5 minutes after arriving at you site
  • The expert will also get a duplicate Skoda trunk key for you on the spot to avoid future lock outs

So what is the difference between locked key in trunk and locked keys in car?
The difference is a clear as it sounds. You can lock your boot keys in the trunk by mistake. But in this case removing them is easier than when your Skoda locks itself while the ignition keys are still pinned to the ignition switch. However, as auto locksmith Skoda we can help with both situations, as well as making Replacement Keys if the keys have lost.

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