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Broken Car Keys Poole | Auto Locksmith Poole

Broken Car Keys Poole | Auto Locksmith Poole

If you have never imagined yourself holding a broken car key for your own car. When it finally happens you may not believe or be surprised that it happened. Keys do break whether its Jaguar keys, Lexus keys, or Volvo keys none of them are resistant. But, at Broken Keys Poole, we do repairs and replacements. So what causes the keys to break? There are several reasons and when you keenly check them in relation to your broken car keys, you will see a correlation. Some reasons are:

  • Harsh forces, it’s logical that when the car key blade is bend forcefully at the tip, it might snap.
  • When the ignition cylinder of your car has got its own issues that cause the keys to jam and break when inserted or operated with force.
  • When something heavy stumbles on the fob plastic casing, destroying it but leaving the blade okay.
  • Also, for some cars that have a steering lock and pack mechanism, trying to switch the ignition on without unlocking the steering when the car is packed can make you snap the key in.

From the above information, it is clear that car keys are liable to break, that is why we have a special team of experts that do car key extraction and broken keys repair.

Broken Keys Repair
In most cases, car keys break at the tip either inside the door lock or inside the ignition. That often necessitates a key removal service. So in essence, the two services are co-joined. You can call us to extract the tip of the key that has been left inside there, and at the same time have us repair it and cut new Replacement Keys. Depending on how it has happened, we can decide to re-join the broken pieces. But it is always recommended that you just get a duplicate key that is strong and will not break in the near future again.

Fixing the broken fob keys plastic top
In the case whereby the plastic top of your fob keys has broken, our experts will get new casings for you. We have both new and second hand fob key casings. So, feel at home with us. 

Depending on if you need broken keys to your van, truck, motorbike or car, we will sort you out. 

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