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Lost Car Keys Poole

Lost Car Keys Poole

When you suddenly lose your car keys, it can be very costly to get new ones. Some locksmiths might take advantage of your ignorance to such an incident. With us, there is no need to be cautious, we offer Lost Keys Poole solutions at reasonable pricing, be it, replacing the keys with new ones, programming the new keys and deprogramming the lost keys, as well as getting you a new set of keys for spare. So what keys do require?

Standard or non-remote keys?
You need to know the types of keys that your car uses. So that when calling for assistance, it is easy to explain over the phone to your locksmith what you need specifically. For instance, if your car is an analogue, as in, it still uses the old metal blade key that is often grooved; you will be talking of standard keys. We have been providing and still provide solution to lost standard car keys for caravans, boats, motorcycle and trucks as well as all cars that use this key type.

Transponder car keys
Before the 1990’s a trend of car theft broke out and most cars were stolen even without keys through a trick that was called ‘hot wiring.’ That caused car manufactures to device another key technology, which is today called transponder chip key. Ideally, cars using transponder keys cannot be ‘hot-wired,’ meaning the vehicle does start only with the use of an original key. Original in the sense that the keys are made to interact with its car only. How’s is that? It is called Transponder Programming. When your transponder keys get misplaced or lost, new ones should be made and computer programmed so as to be accommodated in the cars database. We also offer such keys, and make them custom to your car only.

Fob or electronic keys
These keys are often known as remote car keys. They can have several buttons such as; one for locking and opening the car’s doors, another for starting the car and another for opening the car’s trunk. They also share the same technology with transponder keys; in that they sent a special signal whereby only the car they are linked to can receive the commands. If you have lost your fob keys or electronic keys, have our experts help you to get new and programmed replacements.

High security car keys
These are the latest type of car keys and they use the same mechanism as that of fob keys. We also do repairs and replacement of such keys, as in there is no keys problem that is beyond our spectrum of auto locksmith knowledge.
Get in touch with Lost Keys Poole for whatever car key you may have lost, and need a replacement set.

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